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Hexagon, Hexagon Socket Head, Tapping Screws, Self Drilling Screws, Chipboard

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Hand Tools

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Industrial Tools

Electrical Tools, Hand Tools, Industrial Tools

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Electrical Tools

Electric power and battery powered tools

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Safety Products

Gloves, Helmets, Industrial Clothes & Shoes, Welding Masks

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Wire Rope & Fittings

Wire Rope, Chains, Fittings

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Electrodes & Welding Wire

Electrodes and Welding Wire

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Agricultural Componets


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52 years of cooperation with the leading suppliers in our industry.


Zafirakis Fasteners offers a great range of products that it keeps in stock. It covers all Greece while provides service to customers in FYROM, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania and Turkey. 

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Zafirakis Fasteners & Tools - The source of fasteners
The company is operating in the fasteners and industrial tools business since 1970.

  • Continuous evolution

  • New collaborations

  • Wide range of products

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Our values

Commitment and respect for the needs of our customers, with ethos and honesty as our guides in every professional and personal contact.

Our story

The professional operation started in 1970 by Evangelos Zafeirakis as a sole proprietorship. In 1974 it was transformed into a general partnership under the name "Evangelos Zafeirakis & Co GP". The company gradually began to increase its turnover and over time to expand its facilities. In 2007 the company moved its warehouses to privately owned facilities - 2.790 sq.m. with storage capacity of 4.500 pallets, in the area of Kalochori, Thessaloniki. In 2016, the company established its branch in Piraeus, in the Zea marina entrance. After 52 years of history, the firm is continuing ceaseless its business under the distinctive title Zafirakis Fasteners & Tools, while the company's main wholesale & retail store is operating in the multi-storey facility on 9 Demestiha street in Thessaloniki. The dedication and efficiency of its manpower had played the most decisive role in the development of the company!

Our philosophy

The continuous development and improvement of our internal processes is based on human resources, the wide range of our products and the dedication of our executives. Our goal is to operate efficiently with the least possible footprint in the environment and at the same time to be a reliable choice for our customers. Our mission is to be an excellent and long-term partner for every manufacturer and commercial company. Our vision is the unwavering support of creation. Together we build a better world.

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