2 Imports with Nuts, Self-Drilling Screws & Chipboard Screws

Receiving two conteiners (31+38 pallets) with nuts, self-drilling screws, chipboard screws and tapping screws.

Imports with Nuts and Self-Drilling Screws

Arrival with Nuts and Self-Drilling Screws (31+38 pallets)

We have just received two shipments (31+38 pallets) with nuts and self-drilling screws.

Specifically, there were included in this import:

  • DIN 934 - 8, Hexagon Nuts Zinc Plated
  • DIN 6923 - 8, Hexagon Nuts with Flange Zinc Plated
  • DIN 6334 - 8, Extension Nuts Zinc Plated
  • DIN 985, Hexagon Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Zinc Plated
  • DIN 936, Hexagon Nuts Low Type Zinc Plated
  • DIN 7504P, Self-Drilling Phillips Flat Head Screws Zinc Plated
  • DIN 7505A, Countersunk Chipboard Screws Zinc Plated
  • DIN 7504N, Phillips Pan Head Self-Drilling Zinc Plated
  • DIN 7504K, Hexagon Self-Drilling Screws Zinc Plated
  • Self-Drilling Screws Black Phosphated
  • Phillips Wafer Head Self-Drilling Screws Zinc Plated
  • DIN 7981, Tapping Screws (Cross Recessed) Pan Head Zinc Plated
  • Cage Nuts Zinc Plated
  • T-Nuts Zinc Plated
  • Phillips Wafer Self-Drilling Screws RAL9005

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